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Many enterprises and startups find themselves today drowning in data. Unsure if this was caused by "information overload" or ‘filter failure’. Seeking for fast - or even faster - adaptation to the customer, driven by persona, rationalized through business justification and hard facts.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy is simple: we strive to evolve the way our clients create value and drive growth through the monetization of data.

Our Story

We like to plant and grow things. companies, revenues. But mostly we like to grow people. We believe that without talent, there will only be mediocre results. And as Data To Dollars we don't want to contribute to "mediocre".  In our prior jobs we realized that data monetizations, exciting use cases and cool technology by itself wasnt sufficient:  it needed strategic guidance, planting vision, creation of stickyness and a process to monitor success, We wanted to provide our clients with the guidance and coaching beyond the technology. Share our best practices, and learn practices new together.

Data To Dollars LLC was founded as a member driven firm to provide organizational benchmarking, business consultation and strategic advisory services to clients. Through subject matter expertise and tight academic research, we serve our clients to organize, design & structure their organization, processes, and technology towards the monetization of data. We coach our clients in choosing the best matching technology means of artificial intelligence, analytics, big data, and business intelligence to turn data into dollars.

Our practices are centered around individuals that are skilled in providing the executive coaching for setting up an organizational model for a business intelligence unit, a business intelligence center of expertise and/or data monetization unit. And in order to provide the best service offering to our client, we wanted to be part of a bigger collaborative network of talent and became a member of the Actionable Intelligence Group

Meet the Leadership Team

Driven by our very nature, our kernel of executives is dedicated to the continual invention of the emerging interconnected digital society. Each of us has a specialty that together provides synergy for turning your organizational data into your next monetized reality.





Managing Principal, Data To Dollars

Rebecca Bucnis'guiding theme is based upon André Gide's quote:  "One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight…of the shore." 

With work experience ranging across three continents, Rebecca has guided, coached and delivered -  for venture-backed startups to entrenched Fortune 1000 organizations -  the shift from faltering to thriving with new data-empowered practices.

She is the change agent for executives and founders during their companies’ earliest stages, accelerating entry into the next phase of growth. Her track record speaks for itself. Regardless of role, Rebecca has delivered strong and sustainable results measured by increased engagement, accelerated revenues, and overall improvement to bottom-line performance.




Principal, Commercial Innovation Practice

Sebastian Burgemeistera focused corporate innovator driven by his obsession with customer management, is a motivational executive with over 15+ years experience in Europe and the Middle East.  His mastery is founded on the belief "grasping the essence of the human relationship will truly differentiate your business: for customers, employees as well as partners.  Data insights are the vital component of that understanding..."

Sebastian has worked for three major airline groups  - both full service and hybrid carriers - with an emphasis on innovating customer technologies - with a cost-effective and sustainable investment level.  His track record spans strategy & experience consulting, product management, CRM, business process automation and ancillary & business development.

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Principal, Loyalty Consulting Practice

Victoria Ahlquist's credo is "the heart and soul of business is the consumer!" Travel industries generate rich information about their customers but are not always focused on its use for strategic value. 

Starting with the first true loyalty company, Carlson Marketing Group, Tori provides a diverse set of skills to re-energize your thoughts about consumer behavior. Her life and work experience span from Indonesia to Amsterdam, living in multiple European countries, she currently resides in her original Minnesota. 

Her guiding principle is:  Each consumer has ‘hot buttons’, the objective is to find it in their purchase behavior in order to activate it in their normal buying patterns.

Our extended international family: The Data To Dollars' Advisory Board

Company support extends beyond the capabilities of our core team, and we call upon these domain experts,
who have at least two fundamental qualities in common:
they are exceptional over-achievers and have an unusual detailed eye for data enablement


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Des Martin brings a wealth of experience with him as a business coach and deep expertise in the Retail Industry, Analytics & Business Intelligence. Des is the Managing Director of the Actionable Intelligence Group and his prior roles comprise being the CIO for Harrods Department Stores in the UK and sales, consulting, strategic planning, and marketing roles for Teradata, NCR & IBM.

Martijn Demurtas profiel foto

Martijn Demurtas combines an eagerness to learn with a kinetic spirit to gain a thorough understanding of the business challenges of clients and translate them into solutions that drives impact. Innovative, creative and always looking to drive organizations forward. He has more than 15 years of experience in international organizations like IBM, Hewlett Packard, DXC Technology and currently Salesforce where he helps organizations grasp the full potential of customer data and digitization


Charmaine Singh is a premier facilitator of all things Canadian with a focus on the travel industry.  Vibrant, energetic and dynamic, Charmaine’s gift is her superior drive to deliver the exceptional. An expert branding tourism, agencies, and hospitality organizations, with an extensive track record in sales and destination management, she is the President of Connect Worldwide – Canada.


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Olav Laudy is passionate about analytics-based data monetization and the ethical use of data science results. We don't know any thought leader more competent than Olav who can articulate complex data science concepts in layman's terms and relate these back to business impact. Following a stellar career with SPSS, Olav was the Chief Data Scientist for IBM Analytics for the Asia-Pacific region and recently became the Chief Data Scientist at Causality Link, a fast growing startup that combine their customers' expert's knowledge with automatic reading of publications as well as extraction of complementary information from quantitative models.


Gerd Birgit Hay has spent a lifetime focused on customer management. Her background stretches from Norwegian Entrepreneur, Analytics Consulting Leader and Country Manager. No-nonsense in her ability to understand and deliver from start-up to scaled global enterprise, she is empathetic to the core. Gerd is driven by a keen sense of what’s going underneath the deep running ‘still waters’. An owner of process, data and award-winning customer management solutions, Gerd is second to none.

Marc Teerlink
Marc Teerlink

Having lived and worked in nine countries, Marc Teerlink is as vast and broad as his diverse origins. Truly dedicated to his passions, he melds big thinking with innovation. Marc is a recognized business and thought leader, with an enviable track record as a serial entrepreneur within big business. He is a driven coach, demanding individuals to grow far beyond their project or startup. Marc is Global Vice President SAP Leonardo, New Markets & AI at SAP. Prior to joining SAP, Marc was IBM Watson's Chief Business Strategist.were he and his team took Watson from winning Jeopardy! as an endearing quiz show-winning machine into a serious business enabling technology and AI platform.

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