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Joan presents the following quote:

If at first an idea is not ridiculous, then there is no hope for it…

As once stated by Albert Einstein, as a challenge to his team when starting to accelerate a business. While an unusual way to commence, real change comes from thinking outside the box.

Joan brings to Data to Dollars a unique spirit of pushing boundaries. With more than 25 years successfully in leadership and sales, he accelerates organizations by focusing on strategy execution, sales growth and complexity reduction. As data is more critical across organizations, putting a Euro value on data, Joan is able to grow businesses, directly adding tangible value.

The critical points of his success are his creative mind (ability to think outside the box), his ability to unify and energize people (connect and motivate), while combining a strategic overview with a hands-on approach!

As he challenges the status quo, he focuses on setting and attaining goals, with a no-nonsense execution and a healthy sense of humor! Joan adds to our energetic spirit with his serial optimism!

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