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Invigorate your organization

Monetize its data!

Data changes everything

Data To Dollars is a Knowledge Network, Board Coaching and Management Consulting Firm which specializes in helping organizations create and manage their innovation and data monetization programs and their technology valuation. We provide business consultation, board representation and strategic advisory services to our clients through subject matter expertise.


We serve you and help make change happen!


Our insights, mentoring and coaching experience.


Hands-on support to help you turn data into dollars.

Suppose you put your data assets on your balance sheet. What current and future value would you attribute to it? Now is the perfect time to figure out how to invigorate your organization to monetize its data!

What exactly does that mean?

The business is drowning in data; data is everywhere and growing, but what value does it have?

It must have value, but no one seems to know exactly what to do next.

  • What data does the business have, what does it lack and which is relevant?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Who curates it?
  • How should the organization be structured?
  • Which model fits the team best?
  • Should a new shared service be created or even a new legal entity – simply package and sell the raw data?
  • How will we govern this? What are our compliance requirements and (new) board responsibilities

Then again, perhaps it’s not worth the effort and the investment is better spent elsewhere. Either way, there is innovation, data and technology and it needs to be:

Monetized. Managed. Governed.

The Executive Management Consultants from Data To Dollars providing strategy advise, board representation and executive coaching, have spent over 20+ years of their lives offering solutions and answering questions in business management roles.
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