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Green AI or AI for Green: How to make real impact on sustainability, ethics and profit?


On the 26th of October, we will focus on Green AI. Data to Dollar's Marc Teerlink will answer an important question: How to make real impact on sustainability, ethics and profit? In this session, Marc Teerlink will share his POV and observations in creating the next wave of data monetization around ESG and sustainable AI.…

Meet us at World Summit AI Amsterdam

World AI Summit, Amsterdam Taets Art and Event Park, Amsterdam Noord

While our invite-only session is fully booked, we still have some 1:1 “meet, mentor & make things happen” 30 minute slots left at the World AI Summit, Amsterdam, where members of Data to Dollars’ leadership team, Rebecca Bucnis, Joan van Walbeek & Marc Teerlink, offer reflection and guidance on what you can further do to monetize your data and/or your technology.

Masterclass “Crazy Stupid Data” is now available exclusively on The Essential Experts learning platform

What's stopping you to monetize your data? People, markets, scientists are all heralding data. Financial markets reward data-empowered companies, yet as a society we are vastly under-utilizing this asset.

Our Managing Principal and CDO Rebecca Bucnis will share lessons learned and meaningful tools to move your organization in a new direction towards #datamonetization

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