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Rebecca’s guiding theme remains with the Nobel laureate and French author André Gide’s quote:

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight… of the shore.

With an expanded office in Europe,Rebecca continues delivering to international start-ups and businesses. The key to her work is the drive to understand and solve for complex situations, which often cross cultural and continental lines. She has guided, coached and delivered around the value of data, using every evolving technology capabilities.

Her focus on go-to-market strategy is driven through an eye on data and its ability to transform organizations. Whether in incremental product and services development, or identifying opportunities to monetize new data insights, Rebecca executes from design to messaging to product delivery.

Today she is the change agent for executives, board members and founders accelerating entry into the next phase of growth. Regardless of role, Rebecca delivers strong and sustainable results measured by increased engagement, accelerated revenues, and overall driving profit to bottom-line performance.

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