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Having lived and worked in nine countries and three continents, Marc is as diverse as his work experience suggests. His unending curiosity fuels his passion where he brings together big thinking with innovation, and translates Innovation into Business Value. Marc’s credo is:

Prior to 2020, Tech was a special industry, yet since 2020, all industries have become Tech

Marc is recognized for his business acumen, thought leadership and being an exceptional mentor and coach. His work exemplifies his distinction in AI, tech design and data value realization.  He has been exceptionally fortunate to have been a serial entrepreneur within big business where he has conceived and championed net new concepts within vast multi-nationals  The results have been nothing short of astounding, where the programs have achieved break-through outcomes well beyond company, project or startup original ideation.

When Marc was IBM Watson’s Chief Business Strategist, he and his team took Watson from winning Jeopardy! as an endearing quiz show-winning machine into a serious business enabling technology and AI platform.

Following his market successes with IBM Watson and SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, Marc’s current endeavours are focused on creating the next wave of data monetization around ESG and sustainable AI. Specifically Green Artificial Intelligence and Data Sets which assess, appraise and materialize sustainability quotients, and the actualization of Data & HPC centric solutions that help decarbonize the cloud and its data centres.

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