Adjusting to the unexpected: Read more about our recent and upcoming events on building resilience through data strategies

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June 2020

Adjusting to the unexpected and creating our new normal, that is what we at Data To Dollars are focused on, and what we are currently doing.

While some principles remain constant – such as data is critical and foundational – new principles are emerging.  For instance, the realization has come upon us that data does not equal knowledge– without the treasure map the key to understanding data aka the tools to filter through the noise. Rather data requires interpretation to find wise foresight and this overlay is neither easy nor evident for all of us.

"There are two kinds of people:

1. Those who can extrapolate data from incomplete data…"

As we all try to make sense of the unanticipated, we are observing and continuing to speak on the criticality of data and providing essential data literacy insights through a variety of speaking and data strategies events.

Here are a few of our recent and coming events:

1 The Shaily Show: Women in Data Science
Rebecca, our managing principal, was honored to participate in a round table of women in data science, You can find more here

2 Cumulus Park Studio and Data to Dollars
We are thrilled to be starting a multiple part virtual series on ‘Data Strategies’.  Our first virtual session is “Unlock. Your Data” begins in June and will continue through the remainder of the year. For more details, click here

3 “Crazy, Stupid Data: Table Stakes in your Digital Data Strategy”
We have recorded a 15 session ‘masterclass’ series, where we dive into case studies exercises, the definitions and a path to move forward in your data journey. For more details, click here