What does Data To Dollars' membership of Actionable Intelligence Group mean for me?

Data To Dollars LLC is a member of Actionable Intelligence Group, a collaborative alliance of independent consultant firms with complementary skills and experience. These are boutique firms by practitioners and seasoned subject matter experts, with each having a 20+ year track record centered around data, with domain expertise which various from customers, financial, technology to legal.

Actionable Intelligence Group's members work together on engagements through Actionable Intelligence Group and provide strategic and tactical intelligence to corporations to strengthen their competitive position. Actionable Intelligence Group's worldwide network, spanning a wide range of industries, act as a virtual hub providing business intelligence expertise it's member firms' clients.

As a premier member of Actionable Intelligence Group, Data To Dollars is able to leverage and/or include credible expertise on a client engagement.

Do you have a Description of Privacy Policy, Terms of use and other Disclaimers?

Yes, these can be found within the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use section and the Disclaimer section under the "about us" menu option

Do you offer internships?

Of course! We have each year a limited number of opportunities for internship; If you at least are a rising junior, with relevant majors in data science, consumer marketing, technology innovation and have been exposed to the retail or travel industries, then contact us on info@datatodollars.com